Thursday, October 01, 2009

An Omen That They're Not Meant to Be?


My boyfriend popped the question that we should live together. Right afterward, I fell and broke my wrist. His come-on line was. "You like my house and my dog, right?" We have only been dating four months and I only see him once or twice a month. By the looks of things I probably won't see him until mid-October.

I never answered him when he asked me to move in. I just got really scared, and then I had the accident. I shattered two bones. He wanted me to have surgery in New York so he could take care of me. I wanted it at home where I could take care of myself. I felt like a prisoner in his home until he heard surgery was gonna cost me $2,500 US, and then he couldn't get me home fast enough.

He hasn't returned to see me since. He was supposed to come this weekend, but he had a prior engagement that was rescheduled for the same time, so now I probably won't be seeing him until mid-October.

He calls nightly. When I was recuperating, I didn't always take the call if I was resting. Honestly. The pain meds knocked me out. I was looking for a sign when we walked in the woods prior to my fall.

Was my fall a sign? If so, what did it mean?

-Clueless and Over the Border

Dear Over the Border-

I don't know if your accident was a sign from the universe, but clearly you have serious reservations about this individual. Listen to your intuition.

Why would you leave the country to move in with some guy you've met only a handful of times?

The line about you liking his house and dog was very romantic, by the way.



The Singlutionary said...

There is no way in hell I would move in with this guy. The fact that you felt like a prisoner in his apartment! Ugh! Its not like you're not going to feel like prisoner after you move in there. I don't know if breaking your wrist was a sign but I think that everything else is . . . including the fact that the shipped you back off after he got the price tag.

I know its hard, but I would just try and enjoy his visits and enjoy being where you are (literally and in the relationship as well).

Anonymous said...

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grace said...

AaW. I don't want to say yes.. it is really heartbreaking. Anyway the issue about moving in is really scary. My bf is also asking me that question over and over again..

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Terry said...


You can ask a question by posting a comment to the most recent post. Will do my best to get to it quickly.