Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Entertainment for the Whole Family!

I've been stuck at home with a sick kid (who had a miraculous recovery today; she was back to walking along the back of the couch and doing cartwheels), so I haven't been to the supermarket. It's pizza tonight.

I could eat pizza every day of the year.

Being confined for two days has given me ample time to revise my novel and to watch insipid daytime television. I caught both The View and All My Children today but fell asleep during the latter. I attribute it to the stress of digesting the hummus and Wasa bread I ate for lunch.

On The View, Star Jones, um, I mean Reynolds, discussed her forthcoming interview with Amber Frey. According to Mrs. Reynolds, less charitable types have been sniping about Amber having published a book about her ordeal as the out-of-the-loop girlfriend of a jerk who murdered his wife and child.

Supposedly, Amber is an opportunist.

I find it absolutely hilarious that the people (I'm talking about the media) who profited the most from the death of Lacy Peterson would dare question Amber Frey's motives. Every news outlet in the country sucked this story for every salacious detail it could broadcast. Every network made money on it. Every newspaper made money on it.

Their family-friendly advertisers made money on it.

But heaven forbid that Amber Frey, the woman the media labeled 'mistress,' should be so crass as to tell her story. How dare she!

What a disgusting person!