Monday, January 03, 2005

Amber Frey a 'Mistress?'

It irks me the way the media refer to Amber Frey as Scott Peterson's 'mistress.' She wasn't his mistress. She was his girlfriend. To be his mistress, wouldn't she have to know that he was married?

Furthermore, I dislike the term 'mistress.' How about 'lover?' Or 'girlfriend' But 'mistress?'

Get over it.

I actually revised 50 pages of my novel today! Well, I made notes on 50 pages, anyway. I didn't actually type them in. My back is killing me from poring over that manuscript for so many hours. I should develop a hump by mid-month.

Child Two stayed home from school with a terrible cold today. Her fever shot up to just under 104. Have to keep a close eye on her temperature because she had a febrile siezure when she was two.

So, Shirley Chisolm is dead. When she ran for president in 1972, surely the world thought that the United States would be led by a woman by the year 2000. It didn't happen.

So much for being a progressive nation.