Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guys and Texting

Hello, Terry-

Do you think that depending on your age group, attitudes to texting etc. are different? I am observing that younger guys (35 and under) are less willing to phone or talk face-to-face and also are less proactive about inviting you out - they are used to the young women being more aggressive and hitting on them. So they tend to be more passive about this and wait for you to make the moves - but this doesn't necessarily mean they aren't interested. What do you think about this?


Hello, Wondering-

You ask an excellent question.

I talked to a young friend about this (she's in her teens). She said guys her age do most of the asking out, usually in person.

She did say that the shy ones do often prefer to text. That way, they don't have to rehearse a big speech, and if they get rejected, it's easier to take.

I asked her, "If a guy were to text you to ask you out, would he do it on the spur of the moment? Would he ask you to meet him in an hour or the next day, for example?"

She said, "No. He'd probably ask me to go out with him later on; he'd text on a Monday to go out on a Friday."

She said she definitely wouldn't go out with a guy who wanted to meet in an hour or even the next day.

She thinks that girls are more aggressive, but guys are definitely aggressive about going for what they want, too. They don't wait for women to make the moves.

I hope this answers your question.