Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Man-Meeting Season

Oh, yes.

The air is getting crisper, and the fellows will soon be huddled jovially at the local tavern to watch Monday Night Football. If you want to meet a great guy, this is one place to do it.

The bonus to meeting a guy during a sports event in a bar: You get to see how he drinks and how he reacts when his team wins or gets slaughtered. Better to find these things out now than after you've waltzed down the aisle and bound yourself to him for life.

I also just happen to have handy the adult education brochure for my neighborhood, and it's chock full of classes that men are likely to attend. No doubt the one in your neighborhood is, too.

My favorite picks are Guitar for Beginners (likely to attract the guy eager to release his inner Jimi Hendrix), Auto Shop, How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Wisely, and Golf for the Beginner. Personally, I would avoid Line Dancing and Learning to Read the Tarot.

My adult ed brochure also features Basic Auto for Women-Men Invited, which will be taught by a man. I wonder if said man is single. If so, he'll be meeting a group of new women. What a great idea!

What can you teach that other people want to learn? If can whip up an enchilada to die for, you (yes, you!) could offer a course entitled, Mexican Cooking for Men. Or you can offer a co-ed class and see who turns up. One of your students just may turn out to be a woman with a gorgeous brother she'd like to marry off.

I've told you how my male friend, B., set out to meet females by taking a gourmet cooking course. He didn't meet anyone in class, but he did meet his future wife at a party he held at his home to show off his new skills. He invited a select group of people and asked them to bring along a friend, which resulted in introductions to many women.

Before you try any of this, of course, you'll need to believe that good, eligible men actually exist and want to meet a wonderful woman like you (you do know you're wonderful, don't you?).

To facilitate the process, I suggest you study the Law of Attraction. You can buy my book, How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams, or view the absolutely brilliant movie, The Secret (I don't make any money on this one, but it'd be a crime to hold out on you).

Tomorrow (well, I hope it'll be tomorrow), I'll tell you about my recent adventure.