Monday, March 23, 2009

Are Men Too Lazy in Relationships?

Not the good ones.

But according to a woman who wrote to Manslator Jeff Mac, men are definitely lazy, and she's had enough of it. She starts her query to him like this:

"This isn’t so much a request for a manslation, as much as it is just a few general questions. I’ve been reading your site for a few weeks now, browsing through archives and such (yeah, I really have nothing to do at work!)…and I’m diggin’ the advice you give. Now, obviously, as this is a MANslation website and women are coming to you with their male issues and how to address them, the scope of advice would be how to address a situation so that a male can “understand it” (I’ll refrain from using the term “man” considering that most males never really amount to more than little boys…real “men” are few and far between). "

Most men are nothing more than little boys?


Jeff gently disagrees with this misguided reader and tells her how to ensure that her experiences with men will improve in the future.

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