Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Story to Make a Heart Sing

Today I deliberately tuned in to Oprah to watch her interview with Jenny McCarthy, the actress and autism research activist. I'm very interested in children with autism, so I read Jenny's book, Louder Than Words, over the summer. It poignantly (and inspiringly) describes her experiences as a mother of a child afflicted with the condition.

Midway through Oprah, Ms. Winfrey brought Jenny's boyfriend, Jim Carrey, on for what would be Jenny and Jim's first interview together. Oprah asked Jenny how she thought it would be possible to meet a man who'd be up for a relationship with a woman with her considerable responsibilities.

Jenny said something to the effect of, "I prayed for someone like Jim. I prayed for a very loving man."

Oprah asked Jim his take. He advised women to think in terms of what they want in a relationship, not in terms of what they don't want. He maintained that if the universe can provide galaxies and stars and a whole lot of other things, it can provide you with the right partner. Read the full quote here. It's a good one.