Friday, July 27, 2007

Who Wears the Pants In Your Relationship?

I loathe that expression, but I did like The Today Show's encouraging report about power in relationships this morning. Guests Helen Fisher and Ian Kerner made some brilliant points.

Click here to check it out.


The Letter Nobody Wants to Receive

I received notice in Wednesday's mail that I am among the souls whose personal data was stolen from a company that verifies debit card purchases.

After breathing myself through a panic attack, I notified the major credit agencies (actually, I notified one, who says they'll notify the other two as a matter of course).

Went to the bank yesterday, where the lovely woman on the platform advised me to clear my checking account of all funds, less enough to cover uncleared checks. We opened a new account, but while everything is in transition, I don't have access to my money.

Which means that, instead of going out to dinner tonight as we planned, we stayed home. We could've used a credit card, but I'm just not into it.

So, I cooked.

Magically, a friend showed up with a bunch of basil from her garden, and I started putting together a sauce in my head. Then I remembered the zucchini that another neighbor gave us from her garden Sunday.

I sauteed onion and garlic, added tomatoes, and then the zucchini and basil. I set them on a low heat for hours. Because Peter cannot live without meat (the rest of us can), I slowly cooked the sweet sausage I bought at Stop and Shop on Monday to tender perfection. Then I added them to his portion of the sauce.

I served it on angel hair. With freshly grated parmagian, the dish turned out quite well. I didn't miss spending $100 on dinner out one bit.

There's something freeing about not spending money, at least temporarily.

I lucked out on a couple of counts:

-Our mortgage payment had been safely deducted from our account the day we got notice of the security breach

-Nobody took any of our money

-I had enough food in the house.

I guess I'll find out in time if some idiot took out a loan or opened a credit card account in my name. Say a prayer, will you?