Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Felled by a Cold!


Child Two returned to school today but not before infecting me. I've been taking Cold-Eez 'round the clock, which usually works, but my nose has started running and my throat hurts. But perhaps I can fend off the worst of it.

Peter is on his way back from the supermarket, where he bought sandwich fixings and soup for dinner. It's increasingly difficult to find commercially-prepared soup without MSG or partially hydrogenated oils in them.

In case you don't know, partially hydrogenated oils will kill you. They fill your arteries like spackle, and they're in every processed food known to man, especially the things you feed your children.

Ever see the "Choosy Mothers Choose Jif" commercial?

I hate that commercial. First of all, it's presumptuous. Furthermore, Jif contains partially hydrogenated oil! Does that company want my offspring to drop dead in gym class, or do they own stock in heart medication?

I choose not to feed my children Jif.

Well, I've turned my back and the little critters have completely wrecked the family room. Again! Peter has come up the basement stairs and seen the mess. He's not happy, and I can't blame him.

Tell me. Will copious quantities of Cabernet wipe out my cold?

Hey, did you catch Jon Stewart's riff on Star Reynold's assertion that God blessed her because the tsunami hit exactly a month after she visited one of the affected areas on her honeymoon?

Jon said it must have been an oversight.