Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Favorite Gift...

...is an Amazon gift card.

The cool thing is you don't even have to wait for it to ship. You can send it via email, allowing the recipient to order sundry items after discovering what's missing from his or her pile of Christmas loot.

In my case, it'll probably be a book. I love books, but Peter tells me he is buying me a laptop, so I'll have to get my own damn books. Right now, I'm lusting for Mysteries of the Middle Ages by Thomas Cahill. His Desire of the Everlasting Hills, a history of Jesus, blew my mind.


My very good friend, Daisy, planned to get me Enya's Amarantine for Christmas, but she's decided to get me something else instead.


I bought her this one:

I got The Best of Morrissey on Saturday, and it's brilliant.

I'm dying to play "I Have Forgiven Jesus" from You Are the Quarry for my bible study group, but I'm pretty sure they'll throw me out.

It really would have helped to know this stuff when I was dating.

Dating a Married Man?

If it's such a bad idea, why do so many women keep on doing it? There's gotta be a payoff.

Not finished Christmas shopping yet, believe it or not, partly due to the fact that I hate malls and parking lots that force you to take chances trying to get out. I meant to do most of my shopping online, but I lost track of time.

I'll pull something off, I'm sure.

Attract a better man in 2007.