Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meeting Men You Can Click With

Hi, Terry-

Let's start with this......YOU'RE AMAZING!! I recently ordered your e-book via Mimi Tanner and cannot say enough good things. Truly inspirational. In it you mention getting out of the house often so as to open yourself up to new and numerous opportunities to meet great men. Other than sports bars, which I'm not really crazy about, where do you recommend going? I have tried the bookstores cafes but have only come across men who are not my type.

Thank you so much for your insightful and motivational stories and tips! Keep them coming!!!



Hi, K-

Thanks for writing and for the very kind words.

The most important step of all in meeting the right man is listing the qualities you want in him and dwelling on them (but not obessing) via affirmation and visualization. After a little while, you'll find yourself getting little hunches to call a friend or to go to a certain place or do something else. Your subconscious will begin to nudge you in new directions.

A great way to open your social circle (and it's really more important to open your circle than to focus exclusively on meeting new men -- each new person you meet could be a source of additional social opportunities) is to have a party and invite your guests to bring along a friend (not everyone will take you up on the bring-along part, but some probably will). You'll meet new people, and you'll probably find yourself being invited to other parties or gatherings afterwards.

A good friend of mine did this and met his wife at one of his own parties. He loves to cook, took a cooking class (and made a few friends but didn't meet anyone special), and threw a series of parties. His future wife showed up at the third party with a mutual friend.

If you're not comfortable in sports bars, you're probably right to avoid them. You want to meet men you click with. If all the people who say they enjoy "long walks on the beach" actually took them, they'd meet each other, fall in love, and online dating sites would become obsolete.

So definitely do the things that make you happy, even if it means joining a knitting group and sitting around with a bunch of women. Who knows? One of those women may turn out to be the mother or sister or friend of the man who becomes your husband.

Oh, and happy women attract men!


P.S. As I write this President-Elect Barack H. Obama is approaching his seat at his inauguration, and the crowd is going wild!