Monday, February 14, 2005

A Single Woman's Guide to a Happy Valentine's Day

The Today Show devoted all of last week to cheating spouses: why they cheat and how to tell if yours is cheating. They actually sent a reporter into bars with a hidden camera to see if she could pick up married men.

Today has devoted this week to romance: dating, proposals, getting married. No wonder so many single people are confused out of their wits. One week they're shown how dangerous marriage is, the next they're told it's the greatest thing on earth.

Oy. (And I'm not even Jewish.)

Spent the day revising my novel and sending my ezine (on love and dating, natch). If you want it, check out my website,, and click the link for Free Tips in Your Mailbox.

Today's subject: A Single Woman's Guide to a Happy Valentine's Day.