Sunday, February 18, 2007

Winter Blues, Indeed

Today I learned that I share the distinction of having graduated from Queens College with Ron Jeremy, a porn star.

Like the death of Anna Nicole Smith (and the non-stop coverage about the state of her remains, her will, and the custodial battle for her daughter) and the shaving of Britney Spears' head (the girl's got a neck like a Vermont maple), I find this news depressing.

Will February ever end? For many years, I've tried to make myself like it, but I think one living in the Northeast can only accomplish this if she can ice skate without taking somebody's eye out. The alternative is to throw parties, but we're tiling the kitchen floor right now. Until it's finished, I can't even toast a bagel.

My grammar school friend did stop down from Massachusetts for a visit yesterday, but she couldn't stay long enough.

Ten days to March and counting...

If God blessed you with the coordination to ski, make sure you stop into the lodge for an Irish coffee. Then find somebody to flirt with, damn it!!