Monday, September 25, 2006

Meet Men Without Trying

My amazing friend, V, tells me she is meeting attractive guys every day now that she has a dog. She insists that they're falling out of trees to talk to her. Too bad she's married.

I'm a cat person myself, but I never met a man through a cat.

Coordinated people can meet other coordinated people by joining local co-ed sports teams. If there's not a co-ed team in your area, join a women's team (a teammate may introduce you to a handsome stranger!).

This is a great time of year for Oktoberfests and other fun events that tend to attract upbeat people in search of a good time. Get out there.

At a Crossroads

I'm sorry I haven't posted about my new adventure. You probably don't care, but I do. I hate saying I'm going to do a thing and then not do it. It interferes with my sleep.

But, after giving it much thought, I think I'd like to keep this blog focused on dating.

I attended a baby shower Friday night (nighttime showers, I notice, facilitate the consumption of a fair amount of wine, which is fine with me. I ordinarily hate showers. This one was actually fun).

A new acquaintance asked me where I met my husband.

"A bar," I answered somewhat sheepishly.

"So did I," she answered.

"So did I," answered someone else.

Turned out the majority of us did meet our husbands in bars, and all but one of us are happily married. The one woman (a wonderful friend) who recently asked her husband for a divorce met her husband through church. He's a horror show.

I mention this not to put down churches (I'm a Catholic and raising my children in the Church), but to emphasize that meeting a guy at a church event does not guarantee that he's a good, or even decent, man.

Some people will turn their noses up at the concept of meeting a guy in a bar; they don't want to be saddled with an alcoholic. And I am here to tell you that you will easily meet as many alcoholics in church as you ever will in a bar.

The point is, take people as you find them, not where you find them. If your gut tells you something doesn't add up about a person, it does not matter if you met him in a bar, or after he saved your mother's life on the operating table.

Wipe the stars from your eyes until you're sure a guy is worth your time.