Monday, January 07, 2008

How's Your Breath?

You went out with a guy. You looked great, made sparkling conversation, and intrigued him by sharing his passion for Will Ferrell movies. But then he said he'd call, and then he didn't, and you're left wondering if the Guinness and anchovies you had for dinner had him running for the hills .

Halitosis can kill your love life.

Bad breath is insidious because you don't know you have it until someone is brave enough to tell you (the rest of us politely bash our heads back into walls to avoid your fumes).

The best way to determine if you suffer from halitosis without actually finding a human test subject is to lick your wrist. Wait until the saliva dries. If you don't detect an odor, you're okay. If you do, hit the Scope, Baby.

It helps to carry a one of those sample bottles you find in the bins at the supermarket in your purse. If it turns out you need it, whip it out in the Ladies' Room. It's more effective than a breath mint or a quick spray; you can swirl it between your teeth and get it into the back of your throat, freshening your entire mouth.