Thursday, March 19, 2009

If You're Tired All the Time

Several years ago, I did a radio show to promote How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams with Get Ready For Love Host Viveca Stone-Berry (that's V in the photo). Over a year later, she contacted me again to get my opinion on an ebook she was writing, Fatigue Be Gone.

I said I'd be glad to take a look. I had been tired a lot and recently discovered I suffered from high triglycerides and high LDL cholesterol. I couldn't understand any of this because I'd been careful about what I eat and exercised four to five times a week.

I put Fatigue Be Gone to work. I had another checkup coming up in a few months, and I wondered if Viveca's program would have any effect on my annoying cholesterol levels.

I came away with impressive results. My doctor informed me that my LDL and triglycerides had fallen to acceptable levels. Oh, and I lost five pounds pretty easily (but I didn't need a doctor to tell me that). I stopped feeling wiped out all the time.

Nice to see that Viveca's guide got a good review over at The Succulent Wife the other day.

If you're chronically tired, check it out. And why don't you read Viveca's wonderful love story, too, while you're at it?