Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fatigue Be Gone

Like most people, I could use a bit more energy during the day (I've suffered from the 3PM slump since high school). I eat pretty well, exercise four to five days a week (nothing Herculean, mind you; 40 minutes on the treadmill one day and Winsor Pilates the next).

My friend and colleague, Viveca Stone-Berry, suffered from serious fatigue. She sought medical attention, did tons of research, and found relief. She's crackling like a box of Pop Rocks these days and decided to write a how-to book to help other women reclaim their fire.

I got hold of her ebook, Fatigue Be Gone!, and have started her program. Step One meant making an appointment with my internist/cardiologist, something I should have done last August. I'll see her on March 21st.

I've taken care of Viveca's Steps Two and Three, too, which were no big deal. I just had to answer a series of 'yes' or 'no' questions to get a clear picture of my current situation, so that I'll have something to compare it to three weeks from now when I go to the doctor.

Other steps include changing lifestyle habits. Except for avoiding M.D.s, I'm always up for learning new methods to improve my health. Will keep you posted.