Thursday, November 08, 2007

Paul McCartney Dating Again

Paul McCartney's reported relationship with a 47-year-old NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority board member has become big news.

I say, big deal. I wish the guy every happiness, but I wasn't all that interested in his love life until Today covered it this morning.

Producers brought in Janice Min, Editrix of US magazine, to comment as if she were a close personal friend of the supposed couple. She and Natalie Morales made several observations, and then one of them said about Ms. Shevell, "And she's age appropriate."

Which struck me.

Because Demi Moore took heat and still takes heat for dating -- and then marrying -- a man 15 years her junior. Paul McCartney reportedly dates a woman 18 years his junior, and it's "age appropriate."

Give me a break.