Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stuff I Won't Do for Money

Every now and then I get an offer from some Internet-based outfit looking to team up with me for a joint-venture. The point of a JV is to help both me and the other party to make money.

Some of the suitors offer products I consider of value (for instance, Kathy Wilson's program which teaches ordinary citizens how they can start businesses of their own on the Internet), but some of them are downright heinous.

Last week, I fielded an offer from a guy who claims he admires this page and asked me to post a link to a site for married people who want to have affairs. If he'd even taken a look at this page, he'd have figured out pretty quickly that promoting infidelity isn't my thing.

And not too long ago, I got a request to do a JV venture with a woman profiting from a program that promised to convince a man's wife or girlfriend to agree to a threesome (featuring a second woman, natch).

Ugh. Get the hell away from me.

On the other hand, if you happen to promote a product that actually contributes to people's happiness and to the betterment of society, and you think we can help each other, feel free to contact me about it.