Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She Wants a Man Who Doesn't Love the Couch

Dear Terry-

I recently purchased your book and the teleseminar that was offered on Mimi Tanner's email list. It was very good.

I am a 52-year-old woman, and I do not look my age. Many people have told me this…so ok it is what it is. I have included a picture of myself, so that you can see what I mean. It is my desire to get married again.

I have been divorced for almost three years. I am interested in marrying a gentleman with many of the same qualities you noted, but I need one more. I want a gentleman that is like me and takes care of himself physically. What I have found is that most gentlemen in the age group I am considering (45 – 55) don’t tend to take good care of themselves physically. As a result, they also tend not to be very active.

Therefore, I am having trouble formalizing the affirmation I'll use to attract the right man. Would you please give me some feedback?

“I am happily married to a man that is handsome, loyal, loving, generous, family oriented, kind, fun. My husband is successful and physically fit and youthful.”

Thank you for your help.

-No Slouch

Dear No Slouch-

Wow. You are good-looking.

I recently received a letter from a woman who affirmed that her dream man be a friend of Tom Cruise, and she met and fell in love with a man who happened to know Tom Cruise. (It never occurred to me to write an affirmation about ties to a celebrity, so this surprised even me.) Just goes to show that anything is possible.

The thing is, you may not have come across many fit men in the age range you desire, but they surely exist. Your affirmation is perfect the way you worded it. When you visualize this man, perhaps you would mentally brush your hand against the bit of bicep pressed against his starched white shirt. Bring to mind the physical evidence of the qualities you desire and mentally smell them, hear them, see them, touch them, and taste them.

I hope this helps.