Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Instant Karma

I just finished my interview with Sonia Choquette, and it went so well I could scream. She is just the most fascinating person and answered questions I had regarding the Christian position on psychic phenomena and reincarnation.

She even gave me a decorating idea! I don't know that I have the ambition to follow through with it, but she said that her neighbor's house next door is so ugly that she built a stained glass window to hide the view. She'd never attempted stained glass before but contacted her spirit guides. The result was a magnificent window.

I particularly enjoyed talking to her about the prayer book she made. She has been taping and writing prayers that appeal to her in a journal for years. The book is tattered by now, but it gives her such a sense of power when she opens it. She said her daughter made prayer books for everybody for Christmas this year.

Nerd alert: I told Sonia that I was so excited about her appearing on my show that I didn't sleep last night. I don't know where that came from. I don't think I have ever been that forthcoming in my life.

Peter called earlier and suggested we go to dinner by ourselves and get B's daughter, L, to babysit tonight. According to B, she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore and needs the money (!). Peter even suggested that we go to Il Palio, which was just the place I had in mind when I stepped into the shower this morning. I'd resolved to take matters into my own hands, make a reservation for some time after Christmas, and put the date on the calendar.

But Peter beat me to it.

Of course, all depends on whether L is available tonight (or met a new boy). L is extremely pretty, the type of blonde girl with a bikini body that other girls want to look like, and boys want to date. I worry about her, though, because I don't know if she's developing anything more than her looks. And you certainly don't want people hanging around you just because you're good looking.