Friday, March 06, 2009

The Right Man to Marry

Dear Terry:

Please help! How do I know the right man to marry?

Which one matters most? Is it love, wealth, education, background, or looks? Can one find at least three of these in one man?

-Want the Right One

Dear Want Right-

The qualities that matter most in a man are the ones you want in a man.

My best advice is to know what you want (and you seem to have that covered) and write it down. Sounds like hooey, but it isn't. (Read how it helped Susan Courtad meet the right man here.) Knowing what type of man you want makes you more apt to recognize him when he floats into your airspace. And, believe it or not, it helps you to attract him.

My next best advice is to bring a man who possesses the qualities you want to life in your imagination (not a particular man; you're inventing him in your imagination). In your mind, feel him, see him, hear him, taste him, smell him. How do you spend your time together? For example, what's a Wednesday like?

You should make a point of bringing this guy to life in your imagination twice a day, preferably before you get out of bed in the morning and just before you drop off to sleep at night. You'll notice that, after a while, additional details will start to fill themselves in.

You asked if it's possible for one man to possess wealth, education, background, and looks. Of course it is.

While you set to work attracting this fellow, I suggest you cultivate in yourself the qualities you value in him. So be loving and kind, make the most of whatever money comes your way, learn something new every day, and look your very best.

In other words, be the type of person you want to marry.