Monday, April 07, 2008

More About Rock of Love 2

I clicked off the TV last night too soon. I missed the death notice for Destiney's father.

Very sad news.

The Bandana Comes Off!

If you're looking for dating advice, scroll onward to previous posts, as I interrupt this blog for an update on the sizzling TV show that causes eyeballs to boil in their very sockets!

Viewers who tuned into Rock of Love 2 With Bret Michaels last night were treated to seeing our hero without a bandana!

At last!

Which prompted my viewing companions to cry, "Put it back on!"

To make it ready for prime time, the man's "hair" had been blown and tortured into a block of banana ice cream. The remaining LSEs, Ambre, Daisy, and Destiney tried not to notice and promptly commenced kissing serious ass.

Bret, probably having looked in a mirror, ran for cover under a fresh bandana (and possibly a hat; I don't rememember) and announced that he'd invited the LSEs' families to the "house of lies" so that he could get a better sense of who should be the lucky winner of his love.

Unfortunately for Ambre, her Dad innocently revealed that she is 37, not 32, as she'd claimed on an earlier episode (to be fair to Ambre's father, his lips got loose after coping with some sakis as the Donald Trump of Rock mauled his daughter at the dinner table).

Bret claimed to be put off by Ambre's lie, since he has been honest about his age from the outset.

But he lies. In the season opener, he claimed to be 40. Last night, he revealed his true age of 44 (at the time of taping, that is).

My viewing companions and I smelled a rat. A rat named Bret Michaels, who is allowed to lie and slobber all over every woman he wants, while his woman must be truthful and fixated on him and his weird hair.

As for the other constestants, things continue to look good for Daisy, the dancer we've learned shares a place with her ex-boyfriend but hasn't had sex with him for two years.

Destiney, however, got the book, despite her father's announcement on last night's episode that he suffered from liver cancer and was not expected to live past March. It really was a very sad and odd moment on the farce that is the Rock of Love 2.

It's April. Let's hope he beat his prognosis.