Friday, March 09, 2007

Addiction to Blonde

Why does NBC's Natalie Morales seem to get blonder every morning? She looked gorgeous the way she used to be, which would be brunette. Back off, Producers: The woman's starting to look like tinsel.

I am the lone non-blonde from a family of natural blondes. I can tell a hairdresser doesn't have my best interests at heart when he suggests I go blonde, that I have the perfect "base color" for it, and other nonsense.

Once you go blonde, it's hard to go back, and it requires frequent and expensive maintenance. So, I liken certain hairdressers to crack dealers; once they hook you, you become a new stream of income.

I recently glimpsed a long line of women with gold tresses, all flat-ironed and exactly the same shade, waiting for coffee in a Manhattan deli. I really dislike it when attractive women ruin their looks by joining the Blonde Brigade. I've seen redheads with pink complexions transformed into tomato faces with yellow hair, and I've seen olive-skinned beauties turned beige and boring.

Since I do come from a family of blondes, I hate blonde jokes. Hate them. But, because my family was born that way, fair hair suits them.

As for me, if God wanted me to be a blonde, He would have made me one.