Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How They Met

Here's a good one:

My aunt, who's in her 60s, and three friends from high school just came back from a vacation togther. They stayed with another friend, who lives in a magnificent house on a shimmering island. This friend has a husband who insisted on cooking meals for the five women.

"Was he any good?" I asked my aunt.

"Fantastic," she answered. "He's a fantastic guy altogether. You have to hear how he met my friend, though. It's too funny."


"My friend was a nun. For 10 years. She left the convent and took a job with a corporation. She said she didn't have any skills so they put her in the library. This guy kept coming in, saying he was doing research. He didn't mention that he was the CFO. They started dating. Then they got married, and they've been married ever since."

And living the good life on some island.

Truly, anything is possible.