Thursday, August 28, 2008

Solo Travel Has Its Benefits

Many years ago today, I flew home from a solo trip to San Francisco.

The reason I'd gone in the first place was because I was in a job I hated and trying to get over a tortuous relationship that was going nowhere. On top of that, I'd fallen out with my best friend and roommate and had moved back home with my parents (yeah, I know it's sad).

But the four days I spent in San Francisco by myself gave me a new perspective on my life. I made some decisions. I came home, took a U-turn out of the dead-end relationship. I managed to get a decent promotion from my crappy job. I looked up some friends I'd been neglecting and concentrated on having fun. Shortly before I left for San Francisco, I made a vow not to date until I met someone worth dating. After I got home, I kept it.

Two months later, I met someone worth dating. We went out for three monhs, but he wasn't the person I wanted to marry. I broke up with him gently. A month after that, I started dating someone I thought I might want to marry.

And two years later, I married him.