Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Criminal Background Checks, Online Dating, and the Rock of Love

Last month, the state of New Jersey enacted a law requiring online dating sites to reveal whether they do background checks on members. Apparently, Match.com doesn't do them, having concluded they don't offer extra protection. Another company, True.com, does.

Critics question whether background checks promote a false sense of security. For more information, click here.

Changing the subject, I did watch Rock of Love the other night. In this episode, our vinyl-haired hero made at least four headband changes (that I counted; I kept flipping back and forth to the Grammys).

Bret dealt with a couple of the LSEs who failed to meet the evening's challenge, which had something to do with motorcycles. To punish the women, he forced them to put on bikinis and clean his very own personal motorcycle with a toothbrush.

He truly is the type of man every parent hopes her daughter will grow up to marry.

As far as the Grammys went, I enjoyed seeing Ringo Starr and Tina Turner. The Foo Fighters blew me away. Amy Winehouse's speech made me cry. What stress that girl must be under! I hope she will recover, and I wish her the very best.