Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Interview with a Psychic

Tomorrow I will interview Sonia Choquette, a psychic (hold your laughter), whom I really admire. I met Sonia briefly at a Carolyn Myss seminar in Philadelphia two years ago and was impressed by her. She's gentle, kind, and wise. I've since read all her books, except one.

So, do tune into the broadcast next Friday, December 31st at 4PM ET at http://www.healthylife.net

It took me nearly a half hour to get the girls to school and go to the supermarket this morning. This exercise would usually take, maybe, fifteen minutes, but the roads were slick, Baby. It was nine degrees out there. People were slip-sliding all over the place, and thankfully, all doing about 15 miles per hour, as opposed to the usual 50, on 30 mph roads.

The slick roads were only part of the problem. You see, the Planning and Zoning Board of this picturesque New England town has allowed every half-wit builder and his brother to build here, which has resulted in traffic that we can't manage.

B drove me down his street to see the new "luxury" homes erected there. First off, they're all too big for the lots, and they're on top of each other. The houses sprout through grassless dirt and are devoid of landscaping. They're meant to look like mansions, the market being the average middle-management moron who wants to inspire envy among his friends and enemies.

But B says nobody's buying them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Take that, Mr. Aggressive Builder! You steamrolled over our neighborhood for what? Ha ha ha ha ha!

A better idea than building, I think, would be to rehabilitate those lovely 1900 buildings downtown and convert them into apartments. There's a view of the river, for Pete's sake! A bit of nightlife burgeons, too, especially since Danny O's was refurbished.

That's where I'd put my money, says she, who sits behind a keyboard and risks nothing.