Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Brilliance of the Universe

Just finished taping the show (well, not just finished; about 15 minutes ago), and it went beautifully.

Don't know if I mentioned that the guest I'd originally scheduled canceled, so I was in the produce aisle Monday wondering how the hell I was going to fill the hour. I can only stand the sound of my own voice for so long.

It could have been a disaster: Three 8-minute segments, a 6-, and a 15- of me going, "um," and "you know," and lots of scarily long pauses. Even though I do write a script, it's hard to fill a whole show on your own without a lot of blather. I mean, how many times can you plug an ebook?

Then, I get a message from a woman named Nan Einarson I never even heard of before, who'd read my post on a marketing network. Liked the post, she said. I went to her page to check her out, and lo and behold, she's a relationship coach with a book to promote.

It was short notice, but I contacted her about doing the show. Thought the odds were kind of long, considering she has a practice, and whatever else. Guests tend to have scheduling conflicts due to other speaking engagements, seminars, and that sort of thing, too.

But she said she'd do it, and not only that, she'd be thrilled to do it. She turned out to be a hell of a guest, too. She was engaging, informative, and altogether pleasant. I learned a few things from her while we were at it.

I'll see if I can pop some info about her on my website. I use IproBuilder, and they've changed the program (which I'd finally become comfortable with), so it could be a challenge.


Still no word on Mommy.

Freaked, Not Clever

Twenty-three minutes until showtime.

I'm hopeful about the guest I booked, but I'm distracted. Called the hospital over and hour ago and Dad picked up. Told me to call back in a half hour for results of Mom's CAT scan. When I called back, there was no answer.

I am filled with dread.

Child One's friend informed her yesterday that friend's mother, who's a nurse, said that Mom's going to die. Child One is ten and freaked out.

Child Two responded, "We're all going to die some time."

Yeah, but I'm freaked out, too.