Friday, May 13, 2005

Don't Mess with Texas

After leaving the ceremony at school where Child One accepted her citizenship award this morning, Peter and I went to breakfast. We overheard a man at the table behind us ordering something called Texas Toast.

"What is Texas Toast?" I asked Peter.

"French Toast."

"Why do they call it Texas Toast?"

"Actually, it's really Texas Freedom Toast," he answered. "They stopped calling it French Toast when France refused to back us with the war in Iraq."

I'd heard of Freedom Fries, but... Texas Freedom Toast?

How about Texas Electricutioner's Toast? They sure fry things up in a hurry in that state. Woo. Eee! Our New Haven-born-and-raised Texan president presided over the executions of 150 people as governor there.

In a related note, the state of Connecticut held its first execution in 45 years last night. Don't we all feel better now?