Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hands Off!

Does anybody really think it's a good idea to let W. fool with Social Security? I mean, everything the guy touches falls apart. And is it in the best possible taste to throw the most lavish inaugural in US history when Americans are dying in Iraq?

Just wondering.

Anyway, I revised a few more pages today. Ran into a couple of snags, as some of the pages need muscle. I also mixed up a few details, i.e., does the dude drive an SUV or a minivan? He says he's buying an Excursion but ends up with a Hummer. Must also find out if Hummers were actually on the market when the story is set. Pretty sure they were, though.

Talked to Sibling One today, who's still overwhelmed by her new status as a parent. Everybody assumes motherhood comes naturally, but it doesn't. It's like being pushed onto a concert stage and being expected to play a concerto, when you never had a piano lesson.

The baby has to go to the doctor again tomorrow because he failed his hearing test on his left side. It's possible he still has some amniotic fluid in his ear. I hope that's all it is.

Sibling says that Mom, who she sees almost daily because they live so close to one another, is failing. She says that Mom is getting irrascible, which isn't like her. But she hasn't been treated for that brain tumor in two months, so God only knows how big it's gotten and what it's sitting on.

I should exercise tonight, but I'm still tired from this stupid flu. I did manage to hop on the Nordic Track for a half hour last night.

If I'm 100% better, I can go to New York and see my mother and the baby this weekend. I don't want to push it.