Monday, February 04, 2008

Have You Tried Online Dating?

Whether you've already dived in or you're thinking about it, you must read Susan Courtad's experiences here.

The Millionaire Matchmaker

Since VH1 rightly figured that much of their Rock of Love 2 audience would probably be watching the Super Bowl (that would include me), they didn't run a new episode last night. But I did catch an episode later on of Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker, which dating expert Ronnie Ann Ryan recommends.

I admit I didn't have high hopes for this reality show, which stars an individual by the name of Patti Stanger, who makes her living matching millionaire men with attractive women. It struck me as depressing. But according to her bio on the Bravo website:
"Ms. Stanger believes if a man wants to woo and win a 'Perfect 10' female, he must himself become a 'Perfect 10' both internally and externally in order to reach his objective."
That's encouraging. I'm also happy to say that in the episode she did treat the women beautifully. And she had no qualms about telling the men why they'd had trouble finding love in the first place.

Interestingly, a reader named Model Elaine commented on my post of January 28th. She asked if a man who's dated a woman for as long as three years is likely to ever propose to her. I told her I've seen it happen more than once. After going to The Millionaire Matchmaker website, I found Patti Stengler's take on this question. She says:

"It takes four seasons to get to know someone well enough to delve into marriage. If a man doesn't propose to you by the end of one year, you must end the relationship and move on, unless he agrees to therapy."
I agree with her about the four seasons part, definitely, and a man over the age of 35 certainly should be able to make a commitment. But some of the younger ones who're still paying off student loans, finishing grad school, or establishing themselves in business might need longer than that (Stangler's dealing with millionaires who face none of these obstacles).

Do not rush into marriage with a guy who carries a lot of debt, or you'll surely learn that financial troubles are to love what the Giants are to the Patriots.