Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No More Panic Attacks (No Drugs Necessary!)

Over the past several decades, I've suffered from insomnia and panic attacks. They usually hit during a big episode in my life, like the night before the 8th grade dance, after the birth of my children, or during the illness and subsequent death of my mother.

About a month ago, a couple of opportunities presented themselves that would make a normal person leap with joy. But they resulted in more scariness and sleepless nights for me. For instance, a national writers' group invited me to be on their TV show. No writer in her right mind would refuse such a gift. I didn't, but I didn't sleep, either.

Enter Alison Held, a practitioner of EFT, a remarkable method that has been useful in ending panic attacks, weight problems, dyslexia, ADD, and a host of other physical or emotional troubles.

I had enjoyed some success using EFT on my own (it's simple to learn), but I couldn't believe the results I got from working with Alison. After just one session, I've slept peacefully every night since our meeting 13 days ago.

I taped the TV show on Monday without sweating, stammering, turning red, or generally freaking out. I arrived at the studio calmly. When I learned that the host had gotten stuck in traffic and would be late, I remained unruffled. Then the crew suffered technical difficulties with the new equipment. I still managed to stay preternaturally calm.

The benefits of one session with Alison just amaze me. I wholeheartedly recommend EFT, and if you'd like to check it out, you can download a free instructional ebook at EFT founder Gary Craig's website.

If you're interested in working with Alison, she does sessions in person and over the phone.

Why do I mention this on a blog devoted to dating? Well, when I was stuck in the groove of dating one unsuitable man after another, I could have used a technique that would have freed me from the limiting beliefs (or emotional blocks) that kept me there.

Your beliefs about yourself determine your destiny, and you can change your beliefs with EFT.

I am off to Florida tomorrow morning. I am embarking on another exciting adventure and will tell you about it when I return.