Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Past a Bad Face Day

I received this lovely response to my post about how to feel attractive when you just don't:

Excellent advice, Terry! I can confirm that what you have advised this reader really works. I'm 39 and all my colleagues thinks I'm much younger. When they make comments about age and "me being much younger" (they're mostly 40 or in their early 40s), I keep quiet and don't comment. I look much younger than most 35 year olds and many people actually think I'm younger than 35 too! I affirm every day that "I am a wise, sexy, and beautiful woman" and you know what happens? I FEEL like a sexy and beautiful woman! It really does work.

I was especially happy to receive this message yesterday when I, myself, was suffering a Bad Face Day of the highest order, having spent Easter weekend in a succession of restaurants. Let's face it; even some so-called better eateries boost the taste of their food with MSG and God-knows-what-else.

So I woke up yesterday looking like I'd been shot out of a cannon: Puffy eyes, swollen cheeks, a pimple the size of Michigan on my chin (I'm serious; you could stake a flagpole on it).

It's so easy to get down in the dumps about this stuff, especially since I had to go to the dentist yesterday morning and lie under a honking fluorescent light. But, as I sat in the waiting room, I leafed through one of those supermarket rags, Star, that I usually scoff at. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I was attracted by the cover story, "Stars Without Their Makeup." (Did I mention that I'm ashamed to admit this?)

Most of the stars actually looked pretty much the way you'd expect them to without makeup, a little sleepy, perhaps, but not bad. However, two photos really struck me.

The first was of the biggest model in the universe today, and (again, not proud to admit this) it thrilled me to see that she really does benefit a great deal from the judicious application of makeup and false eyelashes.

The second photo was of a major reality TV star, who's normally downright bewitching. But, without makeup, her complexion is riddled with dark spots and shadows.

And then, when I got back to my computer, I found the lovely message from a reader, which really buoyed me and reminded me to take my own advice. Which I did.

I'm glad to report that I look and feel much better today, although the pimple remains stationed on my chin and will probably not retreat until the weekend. Eyes are no longer puffy and cheeks have deflated to their normal proportions, though, thank God.

Fie on restaurants who use MSG and chemical spices and hydrogenated oil! If that poison makes you look bad on the outside, what's it doing to you on the inside?

Stay far, far away.