Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead

And it's not funny.

Watching her at award shows two years ago wasn't funny, either, but countless TV and newspaper "journalists" thought otherwise. Hey, the girl sold papers. Guys like Pat O'Brien owe their careers to her.

This morning, Today featured an Anna Nicole Death-a-Thon, for which they brought in a panel of people who never even knew her to speculate about why she died, what the hell was wrong with her to begin with, who would get custody of her new baby, what her relationship was like with her mother, and so on.

Between panel discussions, Matt Lauer implied to Anna Nicole's former boss at Trim-Spa that he'd seen her demise coming all along. Mr. Trim-Spa gently reminded Mr. Lauer that the subject had been a "human being."

Clearly, Anna Nicole Smith had problems. She needed help. She didn't get it. People sure made a lot of money on her, though.