Monday, November 29, 2004

I'm Not Ready For Christmas

I'm too busy doing the radio show to even mop the kitchen floor these days. That's because I actually read the books the publicists send me before I interview the authors. Not that I mind; God knows I'll use any excuse to stay in and read a good book: Rain, too much sun (the reflections sparking off parked SUVs burn my eyes!), even a little wind.

Still, I haven't revised my short story. I have to query agents about my novel, or the damn thing will never be published, and that would be a shame since it took long enough to write it, and Robert Gover, no less, deemed it entertaining and publishable.

Have to get with it.

It's only November 29th, and people want to know if I've finished my Christmas shopping. Finished? I'm still digesting the highbrow cheese (as opposed to the lowbrow port wine variety I brought along) my brother-in-law put out before Thanksgiving dinner. I haven't even thought of Christmas yet, except to resist an impulse to buy Cathy R. one of the Chia Pets displayed at Stop and Shop this morning.

It's not Christmas season until Cathy makes a derisive comment about said Pets and the people who buy them, which is why I think she deserves to own one. I think the Scooby-Doo model would be an elegant choice.

Watched Desperate Housewives last night, of course. Can (and I'm not proud to admit this) relate to Lynnette's insecurities about being an adequate mother. My little ones have ADD, and let me tell you, it's like living in a monkey cage around here some days. Lynnette's house is awfully sparkly for someone in her situation.

Fortunately, Peter is great about cooking, cleaning, and shopping. He encourages me to go out and have a drinkie or two with friends to alleviate the stress. Don't have to resort to scarfing my kids' Ritalin to get through the day.

Called Mommy at the hospital. She sounds great and her sense of humor is back and fully intact. Since the doctors quit the chemo, her white count is up. She's eating and hydrated. The last few weekends the poor thing was a walking zombie. But when we saw her in ICU Thanksgiving Day, she was herself again, laughing and making jokes. She never complains about anything. Ever.

People tell me she is an amazing person. She is.