Thursday, January 24, 2008

She Wants to Wait Until Marriage

Dear Terry,

I've read your book, and I always enjoy reading your blog. I am single now.

My question is: What are pros and cons of abstaining from sex until marriage since I believe is the right thing to do? Is it possible that if he truly loves you he will wait until then? Is it really possible in today's world?

Thank you for your wonderful insight in your daily blog.

-A Fresh Start

Dear Fresh-

Thanks for writing and for your comments.

Since I've experienced the Law of Attraction, I do indeed believe it's possible to attract what you want. You want a man who's willing to wait to have sex until marriage, so bring that man to life in your imagination. What would you do together, for example? Where would you go? How would you feel in the arms of such a person?

Write an ideal scene of the two of you having fun together and bring it to life in your mind several times every day.

I guess the biggest pro of having sex before marriage is getting to know what you're getting before you marry it. However, many people who abstained from premarital sex later report fantastic sex after they wed, so who knows?

The cons? Well, in your case, you'd be compromising your values, and that's no small thing. You must remain true to yourself. Surely, on this planet of 6,602,224,175 humans, a man exists who feels the same way you do.