Monday, March 23, 2009

Are Men Too Lazy in Relationships?

Not the good ones.

But according to a woman who wrote to Manslator Jeff Mac, men are definitely lazy, and she's had enough of it. She starts her query to him like this:

"This isn’t so much a request for a manslation, as much as it is just a few general questions. I’ve been reading your site for a few weeks now, browsing through archives and such (yeah, I really have nothing to do at work!)…and I’m diggin’ the advice you give. Now, obviously, as this is a MANslation website and women are coming to you with their male issues and how to address them, the scope of advice would be how to address a situation so that a male can “understand it” (I’ll refrain from using the term “man” considering that most males never really amount to more than little boys…real “men” are few and far between). "

Most men are nothing more than little boys?


Jeff gently disagrees with this misguided reader and tells her how to ensure that her experiences with men will improve in the future.

Click here to read his full response.


krissy knox said...

Hi Terry,

wanted you to know I love your blog and I'm following you through my blogger dashboard on Blogger! I noticed you didn't have a follower's section that I could add myself to on your blog, so that I would get updates of your posts in my Blogger Dashboard, so to remedy the situation I merely copied your blog URL and added it to my Blogger Dashboard that way. I'm not sure if you are aware you can do this. What I did was, when I was on your blog front page, I copied the blog URL, then I went to my Dashboard page, and I went down to the section that said "ADD." I copied and pasted the URL to your blog into the section that read "ADD." I entered the blog URL info and chose "follow this blog publicly." Your blog then appeared in my Blogger Dashboard, along with the other blogs! I believe this works if I want to add Blogger blogs of nonBlogger blogs. It is a great way for me to know when you have updated/ posted.

Why am I telling you all this? Bc you don't have a follower's section on your blog, not one I can find, anyway. Am I wrong? Anyway, bc of this, other's may not know when you update. You will get less comments, views, and readers that way. My friends who are on Blogger all read through their Blogger Dashboards -- that's how they tell who to visit! In this case, your blog wouldn't be visited often unfortunately. So if you chose not to put in a followers section, may i make a suggestion? put something in the sidebar which states how one can put your blog in the Blogger Dashboard so that one may get your post updates. :) Just a thought...

If you already knew all this, and didn't want to do the method I mentioned, then I sincerely apologize for butting in! I'm just trying to be helpful, LOL. And I just know putting explanations in the sidebar of my blogs have worked very wellfor me. So has adding the followers widget and adding followers. That has worked fantastic also. So I wanted to tell you about the option. But as I said, if this is superflueous info I'm sorry...

I hope I helped some.

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Oh, and I love your blog. Wow. A person who is not afraid to have an opinion! And an opinion that is both old-fashioned and oh so modern! I have been reading through your posts. They're oh so refreshing! I agree with what you are saying as I read through. Keep on saying what you're saying and I'll keep on reading. As a matter of fact, I think I'll mention you in my blog soon. And I have a sister I'm going to introduce your blog to. She calls her boyfriend too much... But that's a long story, and she'll learn... :)

Thanks again for visiting my blog, and I'll be back.

krissy knox :)
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Terry said...

Hi, Krissy-

Thank you so much for your advice on adding a follower's section (and for going through such effort to add me to your Blogger Dashboard).

Even though I've been blogging for a while, some of the seemingly obvious tech stuff still manages to elude me.

I appreciate your help. Thank you again!