Monday, January 14, 2008

Rock of Love, Part Deux

The last season of Rock of Love starring sad boy Poison frontman, Bret Michaels, struck me as sickly hilarious, the collision of a woefully insecure man and a passel of woefully insecure young women. I tuned in for every episode.

But now Bret is back, professing to be on the hunt for true love (or for a decent pole dancer, anyway) once again. I felt sorry for the poor women who felt low enough to dupe themselves into this humiliating mess last time around, but this time I feel even sorrier for Bret. He opened last night's Rock of Love II by claiming to be 40 years old, which he isn't.

He's really 44.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But it's pathetic when a man runs from his age, when he wear layers of pancake makeup and eyeliner, and a bandana that probably conceals baldness (note to Bret: Baldness is a sign of masculinity, Pal. Don't hide it). It's tragic when a man who should know better throws himself into another pool of Kristy Joes, Ambres, and Destineys to prove he's still a hot commodity.

Most of the women he discarded last season have landed on their feet, I imagine. But I have to wonder what's going to become of Bret Michaels

I sure hope he's saving his money.


Jeff Mac said...

Gosh, it's almost hard to believe he wasn't able to find lasting love during the last season. [/sarcasm]

Terry said...

Yes, Jeff! It amazes me that he'd come back for a second round.

Can you imagine a real rock star like Robert Plant (who's about 60 and just released a critically acclaimed CD with Alison Krauss)doing this crap?

Susan at One-Woman Show said...

Of course I had to watch the premiere of this season's show...yes, it was a train wreck wearing lots of mascara! The whole spectacle left me speechless, which is hard to do. I have to say I identified the most with the germaphobe -- who would want to put their tongue in Bret's mouth after kissing that crew??

(Apparently at least 19 of them were willing to do that!)

Bret -- GROW UP. And don'twear more make-up than your contestants.

Oy vey.

Terry said...

I'm with you, Susan.

I would get sick to my stomach if I ever had to kiss him. God only knows where that mouth has been.

Susan at One-Woman Show said...

And to think that that mouth grew up not too far from where I live now. Oh, I wonder what his family and fellow classmates think? I'm all for giving the man his due, but I just hope for his sake the money and renewed fame is worth it.

(I will say, however, that he does seem to have a sense of humor when he comments on each scene.)