Friday, January 11, 2008

Reuniting With an Old Love

"Who hasn't Googled an ex?" asks the February 2008 issue of More, which features 44-year-old actress Vanessa Williams on its cover.

I really like More. While it's geared fabulous females over 40, I recommend younger women read it, too. The financial tips definitely help, and the stories about accomplished, attractive women are inspiring.

This month, I loved the profiles of four women who married high school and childhood sweethearts decades after life took them in different directions.

The issue contains excellent dating advice, too, in an interview with experts Leslie Oren and Allison Armstrong. Here's my favorite nugget: "Include your deal breakers in a[n online] profile. Women ask, 'On which date do I tell him that I have a son? The third? The fourth?' [Armstrong] says, 'Are you kidding? You tell him on the phone before you agree to have coffee.'"

As I write this, the More website is temporarily down for maintenance, but check this link later for an interesting perspective on dating men who are not quite as accomplished as you.


Susan at One-Woman Show said...

I bought an issue last month, and while I'm not *quite* in their target market (um, less than a year to go) it is definitely one of the better magazines I've read in a while. (I had kind of had it with Ms. Oprah.) It had a good variety of articles and profiles, all well-written.

Terry said...

So I'm not alone in being tired of Oprah! Thank goodness to have found a kindred spirit, Susan.

Yeah, I agree. More is one of the better magazines out there. Short on condescension, longer on inspiration (and none of that "you need a man" nonsense). I was sorry to see an ad for some "post-procedural" products in there, though, as if plastic surgery is the natural course for all women.