Monday, January 29, 2007

Viveca Loves Herself, Too

Here's how she does it:

1. I feed myself delicious, healthy food instead of coffee for breakfast, something fast for lunch, and who-knows-what for dinner

2. I married a man who adores me, loves me, likes me, and supports me instead of ....

3. I put myself in bed by 9:00 p.m. and get a full 8 hours of sleep, instead of getting by on as little as possible

4. I surround myself with healthy friends who love, respect, support, and inspire me vs. bar room friends, or second-guessing friends, or energy vampire friends or ...

5. I make time to pray and pause during the course of my days to connect with spirit instead of getting by on self-will and trying to control everything on my own. Note: Prayer works particularly well on the golf course!

6. I exercise and “shake it up” with different activities to keep it fun and fresh. (Just added stretching every night before I go to bed.)

7. Discipline myself and set up healthy boundaries vs. constantly overextending myself personally and professionally and ending up on my last nerve (and everyone else's!)

8. I “bookend,” literally, each day with an inspirational reading and fill my mind with hope and my spirit with sweet dreams and expectations instead of "news," gossip, crime, murder & mayhem!

9. I get rid of clothes that no longer look good on me instead of trying to make what looked good in the past fit me in the present

10. Go to the dentist three times a year because it hurts less if I do. My comfort is worth the extra time and money vs. skimping and reliving that marathon man scene ...

11. I handle uncomfortable situations as quickly as possible vs. avoiding conflicts and building up resentments, debts, illnesses or self-destructive “imaginings” in my mind

12. I read the comics or tune into something funny vs. being so serious about everything, everyone, all the time

13. Make a point to doing things well instead of perfectly because I know that perfectionism is a form of self-abuse.

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Leila said...

You are an amazing writer, I really enjoy your work, I also enjoy the fact that you're such an example for every woman, you're a marvelous person ;)

Your Portuguese fan,

Terry said...

Thank you so much, Leila. You made my day!