Monday, January 29, 2007

Self-Love and You

No, I'm not talking about the sex toy variety but, instead, the healthy affection for oneself that attracts all sorts of good things, including satisfying jobs, fun and loyal friends, and thrilling men.

(I firmly believe that if everybody loved herself or himself adequately, we would suffer no wars, corporate power plays, gossip, or addictions.)

Do you love yourself? What are the little things you do to show you care?

Here's what I do:

1. I take myself out to enjoy movies my children and husband don't care to see.

2. I fill my stomach with delicious, nourishing food. I do not allow trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or other manufactured products to enter my body.

3. I read for pleasure.

4. I visualize achieving my goals while listening to my favorite music and working out on my treadmill.

5. I surround myself with people who enjoy my successes.

6. I avoid people who gossip.

What do you do?

Viveca Stone, of Get Ready for Love, and I want to know! Post a comment here, and zip it over to Viveca, too, if you're so inclined. No need to sign your name if you'd rather not. Initials will do.


Anonymous said...

I agree. What I do...
I normally drive an SUV. However, when on quick trips, I rent a racy little sports car so that I can feed my alter ego.
I buy berries and fresh food whenever possible
I plan "spa" trips to regain my spirit and energy. Amazing what a great facial, massage and body wrap can do!

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Anonymous said...

I take out to a beautiful place in nature and be by myself and enjoy the experience and nature. I stand up for myself when others are putting me down or my opinions. Retreat to the bathroom for good body care or buy me something nice like a new shirt or something trivial for my home just because I want it and long as it don't break my bank account.