Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's the Point of Getting Married If You're Going to Drop Dead of a Heart Attack?

I have not stepped foot in a McDonald's in years. The food is crap. It's fattening, artery-clogging, and downright bad for my health. Now the fast food giant is enticing future fat asses of America to eat its garbage by offering Happy Meal versions of the #1 gas guzzler.

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KelliAmanda said...

Wow. While I'm not a McDonald's or Hummer fan, I totally could have done without the "fat asses" comment. You do, or should, know that being fat is not always as simple as what you eat, or even how much you exercise. Not that I'm going to get into a debate with you about it or anything, but I've really enjoyed your blog and writings up until this point. Felt like you were pretty accepting of all people...but now I feel like you're accepting of all people, except the fat ones. Sigh.

Terry said...

I'm very sorry I offended you.

aisling said...

I don't believe Terry meant to offend anyone. She has documented her own struggles with weight control in the past.

However, I will say that as a health care professional and someone who was once at least 20 pounds overweight, obesity is a very, very serious problem in this country. In fact, I think we are at a far greater risk of dying from obesity-related health problems than from a terrorist attack.

"President" Bush should be declaring a state of emergency on our country's collective girth.

Terry said...

Thanks for backing me up, Aisling.

The reason I'm so passionate about this subject is exactly the reason you mentioned: I did have a weight problem.

I do not want anyone else to have to deal with one, especially when they're being duped into it by the food industry.

I walk a fine line with my own children, wanting them to be healthy (not necessarily thin!) and happy. I don't want them unwittingly damaging their organs with trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and MSG, but I don't want them trolling for tips on anorexia websites, either.

The solution for our family is to stay out of places like McDonald's and away from food manufacturers who fill their products with cheap, poisonous ingredients.

I do know that being fat is not as always "as simple as what you eat, or even how much you exercise."

I have definitely been there. For that reason alone, I never wanted to hurt anybody's feelings.