Monday, August 21, 2006

Why Are Women So Eager to Hate Themselves?

That's the question my husband asked me once. (He also asked, "Why do women have such low expectations of men?" but that's a subject for another post).

Yesterday's New York Times Book Review featured a piece on Nora Ephron's new book, I Feel Bad about My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman .

Nora Ephron is a funny, talented woman (she wrote Sleepless in Seattle, among other things), and it's a damn shame that she would waste ink and paper on this drivel. I cannot fathom who in their right mind would pony up $19.95 to read it.

Would you bemoan the state of your thinning neck to a kid in a cancer ward? Only the lucky get old, so get over it. In the meantime, stay out of tanning salons and wear sunscreen.

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Anonymous said...

Good blog today, Terry! I wonder the same things myself. I do have high expectations of men, but the wait to find an available one with these qualities seems interminable. Nontheless, I will not settle.

Read and loved your e-book, and do practice the affirmations daily and seem to have slayed all my dragons, but still not meeting anyone even general ballpark, though I am open and active. I think it gets much, much harder after age 35 as most of the good men are, indeed married and likely to stay that way. I do have to disagree with you that there are many excellent men out there...they are few and far between! Especially if you are a professional woman who wishes to marry her equal, in addition to finding compatibility and attraction. The men I have met seem to have one but not the other....the "nice guy" who doesn't ring your bell or the successful attractive man who is emotionally unavailable.

Still, I believe your theories are sound even if the end result is only that women do not lower their standards and settle for losers....sparing themselves unending pain.

Sorry, I got off topic a bit. But the fact is, I really believe that the odds are against all of us women finding someone we would want to marry, who wants to marry us.