Monday, November 16, 2009

Younger Men Like Older Women

Ever feel that getting older makes you less attractive?

Well, who could blame you? That myth is foisted upon us by the media every day. (It keeps advertisers happy because it sells tons of product to make us feel better about ourselves.)

Yesterday's New York Times dispelled it in an article about younger men who pursue older women.

According to the article by Marcelle S. Fischler, many young men are eager to date more mature women for a variety of reasons. Some are into it for probably the wrong reason (older women are more sexually experienced; one lummox described them as "grateful"), but others, including one 27-year-old who is dating a 41-year-old mother of three teens, say they like older women simply because they're more mature.

The article also mentions a 28-year-old real estate project manager who says he'd be willing to date 8 out of 11 women (nearly old enough to be his mother) who attended an event for younger men who wanted to meet older women.

Fischler also cited a British study which found that 20% of men in their 20s and 22% of men in their 30s would date an older woman. That's about one in five, Ladies.


Anonymous said...

Normally I find that men are more inmature than women. I don't think that younger men are more interesting in general. At least if you are not looking for great sex performance as the main parameter :-)

Jokah Macpherson said...

I think the fact that 80% of men in their 20's-30's wouldn't even consider dating (much less marrying) a woman who is older than them (with no specifics to the degree of the age difference) is pretty strong evidence that feminine beauty DOES fade as you get older. As much as advertisers use this truth to their advantage to hawk marginally effective skincare products, they didn't conjure the idea out of thin air.

If you are dead set on dating a younger man it can clearly be done if you take care of yourself and search hard enough, but I can't imagine why anyone would want to since I hear the "maturity" complaint all the time from my female friends but never from my male friends.

Anonymous said...

Yes, younger men may enjoy dating older women, but would they consider them as life partners? Some, yes, but not all...

I feel that older women should be a little more cautious when dating a younger guy. If your aim is to find a long-time partner or to get married, make sure that your partner is also thinking along those lines and that he isn't seeing you just for the convenience of dating a mature woman.