Wednesday, March 18, 2009

His Ex Specializes in Harrassing Phone Calls


I've been building a great relationship with a wonderful man over the past 6 months. On two occasions, we've run into his ex-girlfriend. This lady causes drama and chaos each time she sees us. She somehow found my phone number and after seeing us, she calls me repeatedly leaving foul threatening messages on my voicemail.

Neither he nor I know what to do to get her to stop. Can you offer some advice?

-Enough Already

Dear Enough-

This "lady' you describe is no lady at all.

First off, it's completely inappropriate (not to mention psycho and unattractive) for her to make a scene when she runs into you and your boyfriend. Furthermore, calling you repeatedly and leaving threatening messages is harrassment and could land her in serious trouble with the police.

The next time you or your boyfriend talk to her, warn her to knock it off, or you will report her to the police. If she doesn't back off, please do report her and ask an officer for specific advice on how to deal with her if she rears her scary head again.



Anonymous said...

Most likely this is happening because he's still her boyfriend, too. Women usually don't cause this kind of drama unless the man condones it, or encourages it because he's still with her. You need to talk to your man, and not her or the police.

Terry said...

Sorry, but I disagree.

We all have free will. If someone calls my house and leaves threatening messages, she's a problem.

I'm going to hold her responsible (and if there were any question in my mind about my boyfriend being involved, I'd be sure to mention my intentions to report her to the authorities to him first -- just to gauge his reaction).