Friday, August 08, 2008

Single Women Rule

I'm very excited to announce that Keysha Whitaker, founder of Eve's Society, the international organization for unmarried women of all ages, has asked me to come on board to promote the message that 'single is good.' (I strive to instill it in my two young daughters!)

Eve's Society's mission is to help make single women's personal and professional lives successful.

Membership is free and entitles you to:

-Take advantage of a growing list of store and service discounts

-Post your personal and professional accomplishments (and include
the link to your website)

-Access Eve's Society's international member network.

I'm most excited about the growing international member list. You've heard the maxim: "It's not WHAT you know; it's WHO you know."

Who knows what opportunities will arise -- and who you'll meet -- when you have access to other bright, success-oriented, self-respecting single women like yourself?

Check out Eve's Society here:


Peter said...

"[Elizabeth Edwards]...also describes what set her husband apart from the other guys she dated. It's easy to see why she fell for him." -From your blog

Was it his propensity for extramarital affairs while his wife had cancer? Or was it just the hair and boyish smile?

Anonymous said...

I will check out Eve's Society.

Sometimes I have a hard time with the pro-single women stance.

I almost feel like I am extra alienated. I will admit it; being alone is pretty rough stuff sometimes. I was in a 10 year relationship so I know both sides of the fence pretty well. It wasn't a disaster, but it wasn't working.

Sometimes I see married and miserable as more of a "choice." In fact, more often than not, some of the married and miserable women I have seen have some really great men. They seem to be more of the grass is greener variety...never looking at how fortunate they are to have that love and companionship when so many people have neither.

I don't know what I am trying to say actually. I do enjoy your blog and I get a lot out of it; but there are times that I cringe; like maybe I am a pathetic woman because I do prefer a marriage to living alone, because some days are rough without someone to just be near, because I am almost too old to have children and I always really hoped I would.

You are truly blessed in your life. I am sure you have struggles and I don't mean to minimize them, but be aware of the fact that you haven't been single for a very long time, and sometimes being single really sucks. And having done both; it sucks in a different way (and possibly worse) than the hardest times of my last relationship.

I thought I understood and was compassionate of my single friends better than it turned out I actually was until I became single again myself.

I suppose if nothing else I am grateful that I understand loneliness better because I do run into a lot of lonely, isolated people and despite doing great things and being great people, they still do struggle. I have better empathy and patience for them - they just need someone to talk to in the theatre or at a restaurant or the grocery store.

Thinking outloud...

Terry said...

Gee, Peter, thanks for kicking a girl when she's down. The news of John Edwards affair hit me like a brick.

The hair and the boyish smile didn't get me, but his promises to help the middle and working classes reeled me in like a carp.

Terry said...

Hi, Anonymous-

Thanks for writing.

Eve's Society is less about being "pro-single" than it is about enjoying life.

And you're right; some miserably married women have great husbands they don't appreciate in the least.

Yes, I'm blessed, and I'm happy, but it doesn't mean anybody is going to live forever, that circumstances can't change.

And what then?

If I were single again, I'd want to love my life and do so free of the pity of people who continually ask, "When are you ever going to meet somebody?"

Anonymous said...

To be truly effective and supportive of females than EVE society should probably be open and supportive of all females - married or not.

Fortunately at my age (35) I am not being hasseled about dating again or when I am going to do it. Most people, men, women, married or otherwise are wise enough to the relationship world that they know better.

And usually the people that do ask when others are going to date again are generally at a loss of what else to say (like in the event of a spouse/partner death, or rough divorce or breakup). That is understandable, those people just assume they are being supportive.

On the EVE's society site:

"Single is Good.We make it better.
EVE's Society™"

How about Personal Success is good?

Single isn't really good (or bad) just is.

This is where the alienation comes in, because for me, well, single isn't good. I mean it is what it is; I keep functioning and I do the best I can, but I am not thrilled to be single. It isn't the most fun I have ever had. It is my job to try and succeed in life.