Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Is It Just Me? Or Is This Article Really Offensive?

The tone of this article published in The New York Daily News the other day really bugged me.

I particularly object to the use of the phrases, "nab a guy," "landing a guy," "competition is heavy," "better your odds," and, "Keep your chin up, Ladies" (which really should be "Keep your chins up, Ladies," don't you think?).

I hate this media b.s. designed to cause unnecessary desperation among women. Desperation leads to bad decisions, and I hate to see any woman "landing" the wrong freaking man.

Better single and happy than married and miserable, I always say.


Jeff Mac, manslations.com said...

Ugh. Agreed. It sounds like an article on friggin' fishing, a la "With THIS strategy, they'll be jumpin' right into your net!!" Ugh. Isn't life exhausting enough?

Melissa said...

Hear, hear!

In more than one source, I've come across the concept that many moons ago, Women, not Men, ruled...we had matriarchal societies in place. Slowly but surely, the patriarchal mindset took dominion.

What is more effective at keeping women in the "one down" position in society than making us:
1. Ashamed of our sexuality
2. Buy into the myth that we need men to validate our personhood and femininity? (Which came about because of #1 listed)
These two items alone have made women see eachother as rivals, rather than sisters - in all areas of our lives, work, romance, etc. Look at the characteristic of cattiness that women are associated with. This hardly helps women remember their power and beauty that is abundant is EVERY woman -- rather, it divorces them from this memory. The good news is that it can never be annhilated, merely forgotten.

Articles like you mention, Terry, are great wake-up calls. My patience thins as well when I read them. The way to keep women at their smallest is to keep feeding them reasons to fear.

Sian said...

It is not just you Terry..I found the post offensive for the simple reason that it is based on encouraging fear amongst the female sex.Also,it is just not factual.

I particularly loved the first reponse to the article: by
FlushingGirl "Landing a man is easy in any state (not just New York). It's when you tell yourself it's hard that you start having problems. As for all those women who remain single in New York, they probably really like being single"

Couldn't have said it better myself !

Susan said...

The article reads like an extended group of headlines on the cover of Cosmo.

But also consider the source of the statistics: OK! magazine. Well, there you go with the whole "tone"!

Steve said...

The press are always looking for the controversial or negative angle on most topics.

They want a reaction as this sells news papaers.

So to be honest by the reacion here, it seems they have achieved their goal.

So I take this kind of press with a pinch of salt, it my way of not encouraging it.

Like I make any difference.

BTW. Nice blog.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I think the issue with the article is the very problem we all know: women can and are happy being single and don't need to be male identified.