Friday, December 14, 2007

How Can She Tell If He Likes Her?


I have a crazy situation!

I like this guy who I met thru a friend community. It turned out that we have a lot of common friends. We met only once and kissed! He does not call me often, and I ignore him, too.

How do I know if he likes me?


Hello, Lost-

From the way you describe the situation, he's called you, but you've been ignoring him. Stop ignoring him!

When he calls, sound friendly and receptive. Say something casual like, "Hey, I really enjoyed meeting you, and I'd love to see you again some time."

See what he says. See what he does. See where it takes you.

If he doesn't call you (you may have put him off by ignoring him), call him. Once. Again, be casual. Say something like, "Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while, and I was wondering how you're doing."

See what happens.

If he asks you out, go out. If he doesn't, let him pick up the phone next time.

It's important to show interest, and that's quite a different thing from being clingy or initiating all contact. Show interest. Be available, but don't be too available.

In the end, it's a guy's responsibility to let you know how he feels. It's not your job to read his mind. If he doesn't express interest, assume he's not interested and move on.

But, remember, it's not his job to read your mind, either. Show a little interest!


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Liza said...

What this article is saying is so true..sometimes we women want to play hard to get, and and we play it too hard. Or we take it to the other extreme and we become too available. How do you loosely hang on to a guy and still keep him? By loving yourself enough to know that you are a great catch, and if he misses that, it's his loss! Another tip I might add when it comes to dating is to always have fresh breath. Did you know that a person's oral hygiene is one of the top things a dates pay attention to? Check out this blog, it's got a lot of bad breath info.

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