Sunday, August 05, 2007

Love, Loss, and Marriage

After putting the girls on the camp bus to New Hampshire this morning (I still have a small pain in my stomach), Peter and I made a quick stop for coffee and the newspaper at a gas station in Hicksville, Long Island. We hit the highway by 7:30 and managed to get home to Connecticut before the coffee got cold.

The New York Times ran two worthwhile stories in its Style section today.

The first is by a woman who lost her best friend after falling for a man she met in Prague. The other details the wedding of a once-reluctant bride and co-author of the book, The Bridal Wave: A Survival Guide to the Everyone-I-Know-Is-Getting-Married Years.



margaret said...

I can't help but relate with the girlfriend in the first story. It's hard to see others have what you yourself so much want but which eludes you.

Let me emphasize, it is NOT that you don't want your friends to be happy, you just wish you could have a taste of that yourself.
Especially, when, are of a certain age.

I'm going through that now with a friend my age...who seems to have forgotten I exist. No time for me now that there is a MAN in her life! This same friend relies on me for boosts about her looks or desirability, etc.

It is hard to be happy for others when love eludes you...but I make a valiant effort. You just wonder...when is it EVER going to be MY turn??!!

Terry said...

I hear you.

You know, I always hated it when friends dropped me when they started seeing a guy. Sure enough, as soon as things fell apart, they had me back on speed dial again.

It's great to be in love, but I wouldn't (and didn't) drop my friends over it.

As for your friend, it would be wise for her to keep one night a week open for you.